Decal/Sticker Application Instructions

What you can do with our Decals 

  • Apply them on your Car Windows
  • Apply them on your Bike
  • Apply them to your Water Bottles
  • Apply them to your Laptop
  • Or what ever else you wish to

What not to do

  1. Rip off the backing or transfer tape without following the Instructions below
  2. If you do you will be left with letter stuck to the transfer tape
  3. Read the Institution below on how to apply your Sticker/Decal easily

What to Do

  1. Clean the Glass or Item with vinegar/rubbing alcohol a couple of time to get the dirt off and dry the area well.
  2. Use a Hotel Card / Tims Card and apply pressure to the sticker/decal at a 45 deg angle to make sure the transfer tape is holding the sticker on to the transfer tape.
  3. Remove the backing paper by peeling away the transfer tape (this hold the pieces together), if the pieces doesn’t stick put it back down and use your card on that area again and work it on the tape.
  4. Place it on your glass then use the card again and apply pressure to secure it to the glass
  5. Slowly peel the transfer tape away at a 180 deg angle to leave the sticker stuck to the glass.